Install WebSitter Pro from the WordPress Plugin Directory

The WebSitter Pro plugin is just like any other regular WordPress plugin, including the installation process. To install directly from the WordPress Plugin Directory:

  1. In your WordPress Dashboard go to Plugins > Add New.
  2. Search for WebSitter Pro in the field provided, and click on “Install Now.”
  3. After you completed the installation, click on “Activate” and you’re ready to work with the WebSitter Pro Plugin. Continue reading below under “Activate Your License” for information on configuring the WebSitter Pro software.

Activate Your License

In order to activate your license you must have an account setup with WebSitter Pro.

If you installed WebSitter Pro through the WordPress Plugin Directory, you must sign up for a WebSitter Pro account here.

The standard free version provides you with the complete functionality and features of WebSitter Pro for up to 5 Doctors and 2 Admins. For more licenses, you need to activate additional licenses. Once you have installed the plugin and you need to add more licenses, go to Pricing and Features to request more or call 1-888-899-3475 or email [email protected]