At WebSitter Pro we pride ourselves on first-class support that is tailored to your specific needs

Setup Instructions:

For information on self-setup, download the instructions. The instructions assume that you already have an account created. You can create a free account here or request a larger account.

Agency and developer support:

Agencies and developers can use our support hotline to receive help.


Our Implementation Partners can help you maintain the software, even post implementation.

WordPress Support:

WebSitter Pro is always kept current to work with the newest WordPress version.

For the most common questions and answers, see our FAQ below.

Additional Info

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I reach out for more help?

To contact WebSitter Pro support, please reach out to your account specialist or send an email to [email protected].

How do I integrate TriageTrak with my website?

WebSitter Pro has a WordPress plugin that connects directly to the WebSitter Pro software via our API. The WordPress plugin automatically creates doctor bios and location pages, along with the powerful search filters that enable your patients to find what they’re looking for  – on any device. If you’re looking to integrate WebSitter Pro into a non-WordPress site, your developer can connect with our API to pull the information from WebSitter Pro and have it display on your website. Don’t have a developer? We can connect you with one of our integration partners to handle it for you.

Is there any way to test TriageTrak before I purchase?

Absolutely! Our free version gives you full access to WebSitter Pro. In addition, if you are a practice with fewer than 6 doctors, you can use WebSitter Pro absolutely FREE! This also includes the usage of our WordPress plugin, which makes it a breeze to integrate into your website. Subscriptions with more than 6 doctors also comes with a free one-week trial.

Can someone manage TriageTrak for me?

Definitely. We can set you up with one of our implementation partners who can configure WebSitter Pro and/or handle the on-going management. They can even provide training for all user types, including doctors, admins and call center/front desk staff. In addition, WebSitter Pro provides additional support. Contact our support team for more information.

As a doctor, can I have my assistant updated my profile?

WebSitter Pro has two different license types: Doctor licenses and Admin licenses. Doctor licenses are needed for individual physicians who maintain their own profiles. Admin licenses are needed for practice managers, office administrators or other office staff who maintain all profile approvals and location information.

Once I have updated a doctor profile in the database, is it immediately visible and searchable?

Yes, as soon as profile changes have been internally approved, all updates are immediately visible on the website and accessible to the scheduling staff.

How do I update my payment method?

To update your payment method, please contact your WebSitter Pro account specialist or reach out to our support team.

Can I cancel or change my subscription?

To cancel or make changes to your subscription, please contact your WebSitter Pro account specialist or reach out to our support team.